World Wide Tattoo Conference 2015

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Interested in learning more about tattooing? Here is another opportunity coming to Portland this October. Learn a little about how these artists do what they do.

PCC Continuing Education classes

All licensed tattooers in the state of Oregon are required to have 10 hours of continuing education credits per year.

5 of those can be from self study, and the other 5 must be from participation in a course organized by accredited institutions.

Thanks to PCC they are giving tattoo artists the chance to take accredited courses so that we can fulfill our license requirements.

Here’s to bettering yourself in the education department, and to anyone continuing their education in the school of life. It’s not all about the degrees.

Go to to look at their calendar for spring.

There are a few tattoo-centric classes coming up in April and May that we should be paying attention to.

Thanks to Dan Gilsdorf for teaching these classes and recommending Olivia Britz-Wheat for the program photo opportunity. 


10 Highest Rated Tattoo Shops in Portland

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10 Highest Rated Tattoo Shops in Portland

We made it on a list. As some of you know, I am generally not a fan of lists. They always exclude someone who should be on them or are written by people that have nothing to do with our business. And most often they lack the knowledge or experience to make a list accurately honoring those that deserve to be acknowledged. Seldom does a list get made that is well researched. This list however, has been made due to our client reviews and overall standing with clients that we have made happy. So, to you our beloved clients, this one is for you. Thank you for letting us do what we love to do.

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We had the pleasure of having Pasha come set up at the shop to photograph some more of our clients and their recent works.

Our clients had a blast and were made to feel comfortable in their own skin while Pasha worked her magic.

I am looking forward to working with her in the future for motorcycle and other tattoo projects.

Check out her site at


Christopher Onstott and Leah Nash

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Christopher is a local photographer that I became friends with over the past few years.

He and his lady friend Leah came and set up at our shop to photogragh some of our clients this past year.

We are in the process of updating our portfolios with new works.

Check more of what this dynamic duo can do at Nashco

mikki_brianagain3mikki_jillwebsiteLotus Flower Tattoo framed in a water scene, done here in Portland OR.

Olivia is featured on Hand Eye Supply

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Olivia Britz_Desktop Final01Desk Inspired including 21 other Creative Portland and their work spaces.

This feature is created by Hand Eye Supply, a local Portland business that specializes in tools and accessories for crafts people. www.deskinspired

Armrests by Anvil for the win

I’ve been meaning to give a huge thanks to our friend Marco at Anvil Armrests.

Tools for the tattooing trade. Designed and built in Olympia, WA by Marco Hernandez of Lit Fuse Tattoo.

Check out the site. Thank you Marco for making such an awesome product for our industry. We love our armrests.

Mikki worked on Jake’s coverup today

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  • I have been working on Jake’s sleeve now for a few months. There is a tribal arm band under the dragon which I tried to focus on today. My plan is to lay as much color down and then go through and finish with the details. Thicking lines where need be and adding more saturation where it is necessary. We are getting closer. Happy he is patient as I work out my vision of his concept. Jake_dragoncoverup

Danny Smith from Let it Bleed

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Danny will be with us here at Fortune 5/14-5/27

Get some!

Mahakala at Fortune Tattoo

Six-Armed Mahakala

The Six-armed Mahakala is favored by the Gelug order of Tibetan Buddhism, and in this manifestation is considered to be a fierce and powerful emanation of Avalokiteśvara, the bodhisattva of compassion.

He is adorned with the following symbolic attributes:

  • A crown of five skulls: This is worn by all manifestations of Mahakala and represents the transmutation of the five negative afflictions of human nature into positive virtues.
  • The Six Arms signify the successful completion of the six perfections, which are practiced and brought to perfection by bodhisattvas during the course of their training.

The arms hold various implements each of which has a symbolic significance. The first right hand holds a curved knife. In Mahakala’s symbolism the curved knife cuts through the life veins of enemies such as oath-breakers and hindering spirits.

The skull cup in his primary left hand is filled with the heart-blood of these enemies. The crescent shaped chopper of the right hand corresponds in shape to the cavity of the skull cup and functions to make ‘mincemeat’ of the hearts, intestines, lungs, and life-veins of enemies hostile to the Dharma, which are then collected in the skull cup. A similar crescent shaped hand cleaver is used in oriental cuisine to chop meat and dice vegetables.

The next right hand holds a damaru – the hourglass-shaped drum, signifying the primordial sound from which is said to have originated all manifested existence. Its rattle is also said to emanate the sound that arouses us from our ignorant state, coaxing us on to the path of Dharma.

The uppermost right hand holds a rosary of skulls. The continuous counting of the rosary is a symbol of perpetual activity, which Mahakala achieves on a cosmic scale.

Another left hand holds a trident which represents the Three Jewels of Buddhism, the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha.Finally there is the noose for lassoing those of us who have strayed away from the path of the Dharma.

His left leg is outstretched while the right is bent at the knee. The former symbolizes his accomplishments for the benefit of others and the latter those for himself. An elephant-headed entity lying crushed under his legs represents our instinctive, primary animal force and urge, which when unleashed can prove to be extremely destructive. The sun-disc on which Mahakala stands denotes his illumination of the darkness of ignorance, and the lotus on which this disc rests signifies his undefiled purity.

The blazing fire surrounding him demonstrates his powerful energy out to consume all neurotic states of minds. Further, his three organs of vision express his ability to see the past, present and future. That he stares at the world with wide eyes signifies that he is incensed at the current state of affairs.

Snakes slither across his body as ornaments and also as the scared thread of Brahmins. The writhing serpent is a metaphor for the stirring of our psychic instinctive and primordial energy and Mahakala’s wearing them as adornments expresses the fact that rather than impede our spiritual progress, such emotions have been tamed and harnessed, becoming in the process, crowning glories of our spiritual achievements. Mahakala