New Website up and running!

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Thanks to Aaron Nagel at for all his wonderful support and website expertise.

The site is super easy to manage.

Take a look at his own site if you get a chance.

He is not only an awesome webdesigner, but a great artist!

I am so happy to have been referred to him.

Thank you sooo very much Aaron, you rule with raddness!


Guest Artist/ Lisa Schmoldt. June 17-29th, 2011

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We are stoked to welcome Lisa back to Portland.

She will be working at Fortune June 17th-June 29th.

Please contact Otherside Ink to set appointments.


and or find her on FB

or flittering around at:


Oregon Ink 5/6-8/2011

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Olivia and I drove down for the Oregon Ink convention held in Eugene. Load in was easy. We were surrounded by pals who had opened up all six booths. There was plenty of room to work. Which is not usually the case at many show venues. Since being close to home, we were able to bring our massage tables and some added comforts from the shop. We even had a lounge area for our clients and friends. All three days sped by quickly. I was stoked to hang with some old friends and had the pleasure to meet some new people. Thank you Oregon Ink for having us. Til’ next year.

Ms.Mikki/ Flash Tattoo Issue 105 January 2011

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I would like to acknowledge Frenchie, Marcus, and Paul of Tattoo magazine for putting together a feature about me in the January 2011 Issue of Flash Tattoo.

Thanks for your support and creativity.

Check out Flash Tattoo for more pictures and  full interview.


Jordan Wise/ Tattoo Magazine Issue 257 January 2011

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Just want to take a moment to thank Frenchie, Marcus, and Paul of Tattoo Magazine for putting together a great feature article on me.

Thanks for your time and energy,

Jordan Wise

Heavy Metal Heart Show

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What an amazing collection of local talent. I was honored to be included as a model in Molly Quan’s exhibit. Thank you so much for taking such a superb portrait shot. Many blessings, M

Tattooed ladies make it to Portland

These beautiful tattooed ladies flew up from Oakland, California to Seattle, to join some other pals. They rented a car and drove down to Portland, Oct. 1 to sit the day with us. We had started Zulma’s peacock half sleeve down at SkullandSword in SF over a year ago. It was nice to get back in and put some color down for her. Something new to look at for the next couple months, til we can sit together again. Dani has been here a couple times since weve opened the shop. Yesterday we added the line work for the inside of her left sleeve, and added some more color to blend the old and the new piece together. Next session will be to either color the inside or lay out the lower part of the sleeve. After our tattoo session, the grrrls followed us over to the Heavy Metal Heart Show at Nemo. That was a great turn out. I was so stoked to see Molly Quan’s beautiful work. Nice to see some old friends on the walls as well. After the run through the show we blasted over to Namaste to enjoy the musical genius of the Advisory. The grrrls kept stride, even after being tattooed all day. Til’ next time. Love and light. Safe travels, ladies.

Tattooed lady rides to Portland

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Miss Monique has put on over 5000 miles on her Triumph in 13days. She rode up from Northern California a couple of days ago to have some tattoos added to her exisiting belt collection. I’m so stoked on meeting this young tattooed lady. After sitting for a day session, 6 hours, she hopped back on her bike and joined us for a little “putt” around town. We ended the night by taking her to Kelly’s Olympian to hear some local talent. We wish her safe travels. Til’ next time. Keep riding and a rolling and collecting them tattoos.